We grow equity together

FoodCircle is the innovation company that is catalysing FoodVillages and developing our FoodCircle digital platform for families, local communities and food businesses to reclaim food, revive community and regenerate nature.


FoodVillage is co-designed by it co-owners - the FoodBuilders, FoodSubscribers and other stakeholders. This is the team that is bringing everyone together to make the vision a reality.

Alex Fearnside

Executive Director Environment and Fairshare

Alex is a collaborative enterprise specialist with twenty five years experience in environmental advocacy and executive management in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

Dr. Srebrenka Kunek

Executive Director Knowledge and Learning

Srebrenka is a place maker and people maker, a pilgrim minder and pastoral carer, an agile project leader and pedagogue, a theologian and psycholinguist, a curator and installation artist.

John Shone

Advisor - Infrastructure and Platform

John is a champion of the common good with a lifetime of experience is systems design and innovation.

Nick Crowther

Advisor - Brand

Nick is the managing director of B Corp certified creative agency Freerange Future and a champion of nurturing community values for cultural change.

FoodVillage is a different way of living and working where you can own your own home and grow your own food business as a shareholder in the farms and food factories where you work. Live in a village designed for people in all stages of life — individuals, couples, young families and multigenerational families. Work nearby in your own business that integrates into a regenerative food village, nourishing families across your region.

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